Resources for Students

Professionalization Websites for Graduate Students

Here are some webpages on the academy and professionalization that I encourage graduate students to consider:

Requesting a Recommendation

If you are a student and you would like a recommendation from me, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Never submit my name as a reference without asking me first. If I’ve agreed to be a reference for you in the past, you can assume I’ll be willing to do so again unless I’ve told you otherwise – but please let me know that you are sending out my name and provide me the specifics of the request.
  • Give me as much time as possible to write your letter — preferably 4 weeks advance notice if it is my first time serving as a recommender for you. Don’t put off asking me because you are afraid. Chances are good that if you were in my class and you did well, I will be willing to write you a letter. It’s my job and I’m happy to do it. Ask me.
    • The only exception: If you are an undergraduate who took my history survey course in the auditorium, please consider asking another professor who is more familiar with your work – particularly if you and I never spoke individually or if you never came to my office hours. If I did not grade your work myself and/or we rarely spoke in person, I will not be able to write as strong a recommendation as you or I might wish. I tend to decline these requests because I believe it is in your best interest to have someone else write the letter.
  • Give me information about the program/position/etc. for which you need a letter. That will help me tailor the letter to your needs.
  • Tell me all relevant information about the request: When is the letter due? Where should it be sent? Or will someone want to speak to me on the phone? Will I be sent an email with instructions? Be specific about your request.
  • If you are a PhD candidate and you are on the job market, I will require that you show me your job letter and your CV. I will also request that you set up an Interfolio account where I will put a letter that you can send out as much as you wish. If you cannot use the Interfolio letter for a particular position and need me to send a letter directly, just let me know.